Under Payouts you can manage your ClickPesa Wallet.

ClickPesa Wallet
When creating an account under ClickPesa it automatically creates a multi-currency payout wallet for your account which can be accessed via the Payouts page. The ClickPesa wallet allows you to hold multiple currency. The wallet balances section shows what currency you hold.

Payouts wallet balances

Request Payout
To request a payout click at the “Request Payout” button on the right top of the ClickPesa Wallet section, this will open a popup to continue your payout request. Select the wallet you want to have funds paid out from. Select the bank or mobile money account (find here more information how to set this up) you want to pay the funds to. In case it is not the same currency, it show an exchange rate and is automatically converted. Click on “initiate payout” and confirm the payout with your password to payout the funds to your bank or mobile money account.

payouts payout request

Payout History
Payout history keeps track of all payouts made. When doing a payout the status will start with “Processing”.

payouts payout processing

When the payout is successful the status changes into “success”.
payouts payout success

Individual Payout History
Payout History can be checked on individual level.
Payouts individual payout history