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Collect payments

Automate and simplify accepting payments from your customers. Create a dedicated page for selling a product or service online connected with a payment checkout.

Disburse payments

Make a single payout or execute multiple payouts to suppliers and employees.

Electronic invoice

Share electronic invoices via e-mail, SMS or Whatsapp and collect online and offline payments. Each incoming payment is tracked, never lose track of which invoice is paid or unpaid.


Keep a clear overview of your customers. Know which invoice is outstanding and for which invoice you collected the payment.


Managing payments and keeping track of your administration is time-consuming and costly. ClickPesa solves this.

Do you spend a lot of time and cost to keep track of your payments and administration? The ClickPesa platform overcomes these challenges and makes your payments and administration easy to manage. Accepting incoming payments is one thing, but we do much more.. and it is all provided through one platform.

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