Transaction History

Each e-invoice you create will appear in the table under the transaction history page. This is the place where you keep track of your e-invoices. The e-invoice list is divided into 6 columns showing the Date, Due Date, Customer Name, Total Amount, Invoice No. and Status. There are up to 10 results on each page of the transaction list and you can click the previous or next buttons under the table to move forward or backwards within your full history.

e-invoice invoice overview

When you create an e-invoice it can have the following statuses:
Sent – Waiting for payment
Not Paid

When you sent out the e-invoice request, the first status will be “Sent – Waiting for payment”. In case your customer pays, the payment status will changes in “Processing”. The payment is usually received and paid out to your ClickPesa Wallet within a couple of days whereby the status will be changed into “Paid”. In case you want to cancel the transaction it changes in “Canceled”. When you create an e-invoice but don’t sent it out yet, the status will be “Draft”. After the due date expires the invoice status changes automatically into status “Not Paid”.

Individual transaction history
Each e-invoice can be checked on an individual level whereby you can check the service / product added, view additional information or send out the invoice again.

e-invoice single invoice paid