Transaction History

Each conversion you initiate appears in the transaction history.

e-bureau de change transaction overview

Deposit through bank or mobile money account
After you confirm a conversion, the conversion will appear with the status “pending”. After you make the deposit, it will remain “pending” until your deposit is received by us. After received the status changed into “Processing”. When the status is “Processing” the converted amount you requested is paid out within hours, when that happens the status changes into “Success”. In case you wait to long with making the deposit the conversion will expire and change into “Expired” or in case there is an issue with the payout it will change into “Failed”.

Deposit through ClickPesa Wallet
After you confirm a conversion with a deposit made through your ClickPesa wallet, the funds to convert are immediately taken out of your wallet, converted in the amount and currency requested and payout to the account selected as payout account. The status of a ClickPesa wallet deposit automatically start with “Processing” and changes into success when the funds are successfully payout.

A conversion can have the following statuses:

– Pending
– Processing
– Success
– Failed
– Canceled
– Expired

Individual transaction history
For more details per conversion, each conversion can be reviewed on an individual level.

e-bureau de change single transaction