Send e-invoice

To send out an e-invoice to your client the following steps are followed:

1 ) Add your invoice number (Invoice No.)

2 ) Add the expiring date of the invoice (Due date)

3 ) Add product / service and related things such as description, quantity and total price of the product / service. The total of the invoice is displayed in the preview.

4) Use the delete button to remove any product / service that is incorrectly added.

5 ) Selected the currency the client is paying in. In case you don’t have an account of the receiving currency the invoice is generated with ClickPesa payment details and the payment will be settled in your ClickPesa Wallet.

e-invoice create invoice

6 ) When all information is filled in correctly click next to see the preview. In the preview all information filled in shows with the total invoice amount. The invoice automatically displays shows your name, address, address and telephone details and TIN / VAT when filled in. Double check if all information is correctly displayed on the invoice.

7) In case the preview needs any correction, click on the “Edit Invoice Details” button to go back and edit the invoice.

8 ) After all information is correct, share the invoice to the customer by sending out the invoice to the right email address and wait for the payment.

e-invoice draft and send invoice